Promote Your Website to the World With RSS Feeds

One of the things people like the most about RSS feeds, is that they have a choice of having it displayed on their computer or on the RSS reader. This means they only subscribe to feeds which they have an interest in, taking away the risk of spam that is rampant on the internet in this information age.

A RSS Feed Reader,say, Google Reader, is a tool which the user would use to collect their favorite RSS feeds from various websites they have visited. The user can choose to display all the feeds as blog post titles, or to include as well a short description. Once a user enters all the feeds to their reader, they will be able to see the latest updates from all the sites without having to make visits to each of them. This, from the point of the user or reader, aids in can saving time and cut down on the effort it takes to filter through information.

Giving visitors to your website a choice to subscribe to your updates actually works differently and on varied levels. However, the main reason for most website owners for doing this, is that you would be able to get your information to your visitors without having them to visit your site. Without a RSS feed, you have to manually alert everyone about changes, and then keep your fingers crossed that they would make a visit to your site. With a RSS reader, once you post or make changes, information is sent right to your visitors.

Visitors who take time to subscribe to your RSS feeds would be very often your best customers. They are the ones who are really interested in your content and would like to stay current to what is happening in your site. More often than not, these are the ones who would buy something you offer.

There is no other option for getting the latest information to your visitors instantly except via RSS feeds. Therefore, for any website owner, a RSS feed is a must if you could write good information, provide quality content and add value for your readers. It is well worth taking the time to get it set up and installed on your site. As soon as you do it, you would begin to get subscribers.