Making The Most Out Of Your ClickBank RSS Feed Subscription

ClickBank RSS feed is among the underrated secrets of making good money online. These are feeds which offer keyword feed customization chances thus, generating product lists to the ClickBank affiliate. The affiliated id will have links embedded to it increasing chances of people browsing them. For every person who clicks the links, you will earn a commission. ClickBank has undoubtedly taken RSS feed to a whole new level, especially with regular product updating. Products will sell automatically from your newsfeed and help you good money in the process.

Considering that huge product varieties are available in the market, your chances of making money are greatly increased. This is even though you have not played any part in the realization of the products. By using the affiliate id and keywords, a list is generated and the process will begin. To get the best from this, it is advisable to customize the RSS feed. This can be done with commission granting products from reliable sources. The feed should have the potential of attracting huge audiences. This will mean more clicks and more money for you.

Attracting Audience with Your Feed

When customizing your feed, remember that the RSS feed should be clearly displayed and easily accessible on your website. This is one of the most important factors in attracting the audience. People will not take any chance to click on any links or feeds if they are not catchy to the eye. It is one of the simplest indicators that will get you the attention of the audience that you are targeting with this tactic.

The second way of attracting the audience is to ensure the RSS feed delivers content in a unique way. It is important to break from the norms that are already there and create something that is not available on any other place. People are always attracted to things they feel are new compared to those they have become too familiar with. By creating a feed that is more unique, you will be attracting chances of a click on your links.

Making the RSS Feed Work

Your feed will work only when you understand the keyword well. By setting a keyword search with an audience in mind, you will increase the percentage of success. This means you have to do some market research, be committed to making approvals to the audience through what they need and then using technology to get you there. Your content should be as attractive as possible. It is the only way that visitors will stay for longer on the site and increase chances of revisiting it.

Attractive RSS feeds will lock traffic to the site as they revisit it. By making it possible to sign up as a way of reading the updates, you will be making a hit with your ClickBank RSS. You can set the feed in such a way that it is refreshed daily with blog posts, valuable tweets, videos or articles. This way, the audience will get reasons to keep visiting the site. The good news is that it is possible to make RSS feeds as attractive as they ought to be.

What Is the Purpose of An RSS Feed?

By adding a feed to your website, you will be able to see information from other websites as soon as it is published via your feed. The main purpose is that your website will be providing news from the sources you choose to your readers as soon as it occurs. This means you will always have up to date information on your favorite subject matter. The feed will display the headlines and a brief description. If you are interested in the headline, you can click the link to view the post on the other website.

Your visitors will enjoy this as they will not only be able to read the content on your website, but will be able to find real time information on the subject as well via your RSS feed. This could be technology, animals, weather, or whatever is pertinent to your own content or another subject that would be of interest to your visitors.

Businesses often use RSS feeds to keep their visitors up to date on current information on industry, political, or even local news. Visitors coming to your website will enjoy having these pertinent feeds right on your website, giving them an easier way to find the latest news.

News website often use RSS feeds to bring in more visitors. The feed on their website offers a subscription that provides new information as soon as it is published such as your local TV or news station. You will be able to keep informed with all the news in your area along with weather updates, traffic reports, and so on and so forth when you subscribe to the feed.

If you have a business and wish to provide news to your visitors regarding new products, events, or other information about your business, you can also add this to your feed. On your website, you can add a feed on the side bar with a variety of feeds to keep your visitors coming back including local news and events.

The real purpose of an RSS feed is that you will not have to search all over the place to stay informed on any subject. You can subscribe to a wide array of topics and read them in one location on the net or even on your desktop by downloading a RSS reader. The real time information ensures you stay on top on what is happening in the industries, news, or websites you frequent without visiting all the time.

What is an RSS Feed?

If you aren’t sure what an RSS feed is, how you can use one and what the advantages of RSS feeds are, this article is for you!

When I spoke at the Monterey Bay Consultants Group in April about blogging, I remember one of the questions asked from the group was, “Who has time to check and read all of these blogs?” It was a great question. I answered the question with my method of deciding which blog posts to read and that is by looking at my RSS feed. Some of the members of the group had no idea what I was talking about. I then took the opportunity to explain to them what it is and how I use it.

Let me break it down as simple as possible for you here:

RSS stands for “Real Simple Syndication” and people use “RSS feeds” to distribute and gather information from throughout the Internet. If you have content on your website or blog that you are continually updating, you can set up an RSS feed for the information. Subscribers to your RSS feed can then receive your updates via their “RSS feed reader”. That still sounds confusing doesn’t it? Let me go further into it…

Let’s say you are into celebrity gossip and you love to know what’s going on all the time (I know, it’s shallow – but the best example I could think of that the majority of readers can relate to). Every day you visit,, and many of the other celebrity gossip sites. You could spend all day sifting through the many posts and all the content to get to the information that you personally are interested in. With an RSS feed reader, you could be updated continually with the posts from all of the sites in one place and click on only the ones you would like to read.

I’m sure you’ve seen the standard orange “RSS” symbol. Usually, where you see that symbol, that’s where you’ll click to “Subscribe” to a feed. When you subscribe to a feed, you can then send the feed to your “Reader”.

“Readers” are also known as “Feed Aggregator”, “Feed Reader”, “News Reader” or just “Aggregator”. These readers are web applications or software, which aggregate syndicated web content including podcasts, blogs and news headlines all in one location so you can easily view them.

I currently use Google Reader. It lets me know when the blogs that I read have new posts and I can choose which ones to click on and read the stories I am interested in. Since my work involves the Internet, industry news is of particular importance to me and I keep updated by reading several blogs daily, however – I only read the stories that pertain to my niche.

Before RSS feeds were readily available, it took hours every day to keep up with industry news. Now I can get all of my information much more quickly and skip the information that I don’t need.

As a site or blog owner, how can having an RSS feed help you? Well, if you are trying to drive traffic to your website by using content such as new articles and posts, having an RSS feed available of your new items for your visitors to subscribe to will make life easier for them (as explained above).

You can also place RSS feeds from industry related sites directly on your website or blog in order to provide your visitors with even more information.

If you are using blog software, you can automatically place an RSS feed subscription button on your site, they all come with them. If you would like to create an RSS feed from your website content (perhaps your articles section), you can easily create one and just add a snippet of code to your site to get going. Most of them have detailed instructions and tutorials for you.

In conclusion, if you’re not using RSS, it’s time you got on board – time is money!

The Purpose of an RSS Feed – In Simple Terms

An RSS Feed is a web format used, to publish current information in real time to other websites. You are able to set up an RSS feed on your site which will include automatic feeds from other websites or any specific page, topic that interest you.

Visitors to your website can see updates from other websites in real time from the RSS feed. It is also useful to provide notification of anything which is happening. A RSS feed can be pretty handy for those who want up-to-date information from their favorite site or to be able to combine all their favorite sites so they can see them all in one feed.

RSS feed is actually great tool for business owners. A business owner could use feeds to keep his visitors updated on current, updated information of any industry. Visitors would be able to see it on the feed and do not need to leave the website to read it.

News websites make good use of RSS feeds to draw in customers. Many people out there subscribe to a news site to keep themselves updated on current events and to have news within easy reach. It is a way to stay informed. You can get all the information you need on one page, without going from page to page or site to site. It is like having someone constantly feeding you the latest information on what is happening around the world.

Be rest assured as well that your readers or subscribers would not be overwhelmed with details. The feed would provide just the right amount of details. If a reader wants more details, they could simply click the item and go to the website where the information is coming from.

There are sources of information that can be accessed through RSS feeds:

* Forum feeds

* Blog feeds

* Article feeds

* News feeds

Feeds are particularly useful for broadcasting news on many subjects like houses for sale, upcoming events, auctions, legal items, job listing and entertainment. The possibilities of their usage are practically endless.

When people subscribe to your feed, they know that they can rely on you to provide them with interesting information and to keep them updated on all the information they want to know. You, on the other hand, could use RSS feeds to post items of interest (or information which adds value to others) which you want to be sure people are aware of. Of course, visitors have the option of opting out of the feeds anytime that they want.

Use RSS feeds as a strategy to market and to supply the public with value-added information.