RSS Feed and Your Business – A Tool of Convenience

Think about this. What if you have a tool to send out a message to all of your customers and potential customers whenever you start a new promotion or put up new content on your website? What if you could instantly notify your followers and fans that you have put up a new blog post? With the use of RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds, you can do exactly that!

RSS feeds allow you to broadcast new content, videos, and blog posts to your followers and other members of the feeds. Below, let’s take a closer look at how you can use this tool to market your business online.

1. Set Up Your Feed

Depending on the blogging software you are using, you should be able to choose how your feeds are created and distributed. You typically will have the option of sending one feed out with a summary of all updates or sending one notification for every subject or category covered on by your sites.

Once this is done and set up, your visitors and fans will then see the icon and subscribe to your RSS feeds.

2. Start Updating

You can now start using your RSS feed to communicate with your real world customers, people interested in your services online, and future potential customers. You can send out video files, audio clips, images, and text content whenever you want to reach out. The readers subscribing to your RSS feed will get instant notification when something new is happening on your blog or website.

3. Private Syndication

Besides your publicly distributed RSS feeds, you would be able to also set up password protected feeds for exclusive customers. Some businesses are now doing this as a way to avoid sending out mass emails. You can use this feature to pass special deals to a selected group of customers. All they need is the password to the feed to get into this exclusive “inner circle”.

4. Get Listed

You may also want to consider sending your RSS feeds to feed directories so that they can be discovered by other people. This is one of the ways to gain increased exposure for your website and, as well, draw targeted traffic to your site. There are even directories for blog posts which can help gain exposure for your blog.

5. Become a Subscriber

Once you get your own feeds going, you ought to take some time to subscribe to the feeds of other sites related to your niche. This is one way you can do market research via RSS feeds and a great way to keep tabs ( or if you want to use the word, “spy” ) on your competitors as well. Find valuable feeds that keep you updated in your niche and in the long run, you will find that it helps a great deal, saving time searching around online.

There are a thousand and one ways to market your business online today. With RSS feeds, it just makes marketing much easier. It is a huge time-saving tool that every online business owner should be using today.